105x1x16mm Scissorshand super-thin abrasive cutting wheels

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105x1x16mm Scissorshand super-thin abrasive cutting wheels for ALL IN ONE

Used on 4″ Angle Grinder,diameter of 100/105mm  cutting wheels are more durable for customers. It’s the most popular item in Asia countries.

Fast cutting for various materials with Minimum friction and low-calorie output,to reduce the pollution of the material.

With excellent grinding performance and super-long service life for the application of stainless steel and steel.

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metal,stainless steel


10000 pcs

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Product Details:

1.Cut off wheel with MPA EN 12413

2.Advanced grin and bond system

3.No more time loss due to machine or product changing

4.Free of iron,sulphur and chlorine

5.Low vibration and comfortable cutting

6.High stability for easy and comfortable cutting

7.Optimised for universal application

8.Maximum safety

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