Continuous Cold Pressed Sintered Saw Blade

Special Design for different customer demand.

For Dry and Wet Cutting.

Diamond Cutting Blade for Granite. Fast cutting, Long life, High universality.

Additional information


black, blue


L, S

Charging Time

1.1 hours




65Hz – 25kHz


VAC 220V

Product Details:


Granite, marble, concrete, tile, ceramic
* Hot pressed and cold pressed sintered
* Special designed and world-advanced brazing technology mahe the saw blades cut efficiently and fast.
* Dry or wet cutting
* 1″ and 7/8″ arbor with drive pin holes standard. Custom arbor sizes are available.
* Other special specifications and colors can be produced according to customers’ need



Diameter DxT(mm) Seg. height Cutting Materials
4″ 105*2.0 7/10mm General purpose
4.3″ 110*2.0 7/10mm General purpose
4.5″ 115*2.0 7/10mm General purpose
5″ 125*2.2 7/10mm General purpose
6″ 150*2.2 7/10mm General purpose
7″ 180*2.4 7/10mm General purpose
9″ 230*2.6 7/10mm General purpose
12″ 300*3.0 7/10mm General purpose
14″ 350*3.0 7/10mm General purpose

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