Depressed Center Grinding Discs


Grinding wheels are wheels with abrasive compounds that are used to grind down objects in an industrial environment. They are used like files, ideal for grinding down and smoothing out different parts. Grinding wheels come in several different material types, sizes, and grinding grits so you can get the right fit for your unique project. In many ways they can be thought of as powered stationary pieces of sandpaper. Just like sandpaper, depending on their aggressiveness, different wheels can be used for a huge variety of specific tasks, including taking rough edges off metal surfaces or even giving said metal a shine. When getting a grinding wheel, it’s important to ensure you are getting the correct size and grit for your application. The term grinding wheel also covers some masonry cutting equipment.

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Base material

steel,stainless steel

Product class


Grain type

Aluminium oxide,zirconia.,etc

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