Resin Fiber Discs


1. High quality fiber wheel

2. Cross center, circle hole

3. Alumina polishing fiber disc

4. Fibre paper

5. Flat, convex

6. Top grade grain and level 1 resin bonded

7. high abrasive performance

8. Durable, long service life

9. Strong and flexible

10. A is widely used for grinding wood, plastic, rubber, metal, NF metal

Additional information


alumina or zirconia. silicon carbide

Grit range



100 x 16, 115 x 22 , 125 X22, 150 x 22, 180 x 22,etc


fiber paper


Appliance: three types of inter hole: circle, cross shape and six angles shape,used for nonferrous metals, steels and irregular work-piece grinding and polishing in automobiles, ships, furniture and other fields. We can produce accordingto the requirements of customers

Product Details:

Specifications :

1. High quality fiber wheel
2. Cross center, circle hole
3. Zirconium polishing fibre disk

Introduction : Fiber Disc is based on hard fibre vulcanized paper, the abrasive are consolidated on the hard fibre vulcanized paper by synthetic resin bond. They are suitable for rust removal, paint stripping, deburring, grinding welding seam, polishing on all kinds surface of metal or non-metallic materials.

Material: Aluminium Oxide/Zirconium Oxide grain, hard fibre vulcanized paper, synthetic resin bond.

Grit : P16-400

Application: It is widely used in and the ideal choice for the industries of shipbuilding/aviation/large mechanical equipment/furniture, building materials.

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