Five factors which cause the cutting discs to break

Breaking of the cutting disc is a big no-no for our resin grinding wheel manufacturer. This situation usually occurs when we operate improperly in the production process. Therefore, we should understand the factors that cause this phenomenon, and pay special attention to reducing the occurrence of this phenomenon in the future production process. This is a problem that our grinding wheel manufacturers must do and pay attention to. The following are the five factors that cause the cutting disc to break, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  • The cutting disc is defective and cannot reach the linear speed of the cutting discs
  • In addition, the cutting disc aperture and the cutting table shaft are not equipped, so there is a lot of stress during the assembly process.
  • When the tissue of the cutting discs is not uniform, stress will accumulate in the weak part of the tissue, causing breakage, as well as factors such as torsion, thermal stress, and tremor during the cutting process.
  • When the hardness of the cutting disc is too high, the radial torque force on the cutting discs will increase. Since the thickness of the cutting discs is usually less than 4 mm, the cutting discs will break.
  • When the resin of the cutting disc lacks toughness, because the grinding wheel blade is always under negative pressure during the cutting process, transverse stress will inevitably occur. When the cutting disc cannot resist the transverse stress, it will cause the grinding wheel blade to crack.

The resin grinding wheel manufacturer has summed up the above 5 points on the basis of years of production experience, which will cause the cutting parts to crack. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. As can be seen from the above, a little error handling of the details can cause this phenomenon. Once damaged, it will be unusable and relatively wasteful. You can refer to the above factors in future production to reduce damage and thus reduce losses.

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