What are the usual specifications of the cutting disc?

cutting disc

Size of Cutting Discs

The cutting disc is divided into ordinary, neutral and super heavy-duty types. The difference lies in its durability. The specifications and models of different cutting discs are different. There are many different types of cutting discs on the market, and Jekkir will introduce them one by one as below.

柔佛,新山,柔佛再也輝騰五金有限公司的King Bird - Cut / Grind Wheel-King Bird Cutting Disc and Grinding  Disc

The specifications of the cutting discs produced by different cutting disc manufacturers are different, but they have one common feature, which is composed of three parameters. These three parameters represent the outer diameter, thickness and aperture of the cutting disc, such as a certain type of cutting disc. The specification is: 400*3*32mm, which means that the outer diameter of the cutting disc is 400mm, the thickness is 3mm, and the bore ring size is 32mm. The main models are: 400*3*32, 350*3.5*25.4, 300*3*25, 250*2*25, 180*3*22, 150*3*22, 125*1.2*22, 107*1*16.

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