3 Points You Should Know When keep Cutting & Grinding Discs

Grinding & cutting discs are a kind of special tools for grinding. They are still very common in daily life. When manufacturers buy grinding/ cutting discs, they usually buy a large number of them. This involves coming to grinding wheel cutting discs. Transportation and storage problems, today people discuss what to pay attention to when carrying out transportation and storage of cutting wheels.

1. Grinding & cutting discs should be stored in dry areas, the indoor temperature is higher than 5 degrees Celsius, and the storage time is not suitable for more than one year. Overdue cutting discs should be tested for compressive strength before application. After the reform, the grinding wheel cutting disc should also be re-launched on the side of the rotation experiment before it can be applied.

2. For the long-distance transportation of grinding/cutting discs, use wooden boxes or wicker baskets to pack them properly, and separate the cutting discs with soft plastics such as wheat straw and wood chips to avoid impact and impact.

3. It should be placed separately according to the specifications and models. The storage place of the discs is set under the label to prevent confusion and leakage. The placement method should depend on the cutting size. Large or thick cutting blades should be placed standing and slightly skewed, thinner and smaller grinding wheels should be placed flat, but not suitable for too high, and a flat stainless steel plate should be placed on the left and right of the grinding wheel cutting blades to avoid cutting blades. Deformed or cracked.

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