Grinding Wheel Tips

Wheel with the grinding process, will become blunt, so in the use of the process to carry out continuous repair, so that the grinding wheel to become sharp again. Below is a description of how to better trim the grinding wheel to maintain higher grinding efficiency and quality.

Sharpening is a grinding process that will sharpen the abrasive grains of superhard abrasive grinding wheels. In this process, it is necessary to remove the bonding agent between the abrasive grains and the grinding abrasive grains of the abrasive wheel, so as to form a sharp cutting edge in addition to the abrasive grains with strong grinding properties.

Sharpening also must be removed from the hole in the grinding wheel surface, to remove the tiny material, to prevent the grinding force on the grinding wheel increase, grinding wheel on the increase, will cause vibration and the part surface burn.

Without proper sharpening, even the best grinding wheel will not be able to obtain high quality and dimensional consistency of machined parts. In fact, when you invest in high-quality grinding wheels, it is important to trim them well in order to get high grinding performance.

Shaping can be said to be part of the grinding wheel preparation, and it is carried out at the same time as the normal grinding wheel. For Superhard abrasive grinding wheel, the two processes are separated, first of all, the grinding wheel. In the use of superhard abrasive grinding wheel grinding, plastic surgery is the use of plastic tools or rollers, repair is often used a ceramic binder of the dressing stick, after the completion of the shaping of the grinding wheel to repair sharp treatment.

It is important to ensure that the spindle bearings are at a certain temperature (such as the usual grinding state of the grinding wheel) before the grinding wheel includes truing and sharpening. This avoids damage to the geometrical shape of the parts and the abnormal wear of the grinding wheel and dressing tools. Tools for trimming must be handled with care because it is generally made of hard, abrasive but brittle diamond materials and is sensitive to minor collisions, small cracks, and fragmentation caused by force.

Because Diamond Shaper itself is a tool, it needs to be very sharp. Using a blunt dressing tool to trim the surface of the wheel makes the wheel dull. In order to maintain a high quality and sharp diamond dressing tool, a 1/8 enclosure rotating single point or trimmed tool with taper tip is required every certain time. The number of rotations can be determined according to the dressing condition, and according to experience, the minimum rotation is daily. For chisel heads and molded dressing tools, it is generally necessary to rotate at 180 ° before they grind blunt.

Most cylindrical grinding machines place parts and grinding wheels on a horizontal line. The highest point of the outer circle of the part and the highest point of the outer circle of the wheel is called the contact point of the part/grinding wheel, and the diamond dressing tool should be repaired as close to the part/grinding wheel contact point as possible. It is more important to trim the diamond dressing tool to the top point of the outer circle of the grinding wheel (that is, the contact point of the part/wheel) for the grinding wheel of the internal grinder.

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